Aspden Fold

Here at Aspden Fold Farm we recently introduced four new alpacas who roam the farm fields freely, often greeting visitors. It’s no secret that everyone loves alpacas, they’re fun and have lots of character, they have provided our visitors with endless entrainment value since their introduction and have been a popular attraction for many children and passers-by. As part of your stay at Aspden Fold Farm we give our visitors the option to take advantage of a free walk and talk where you can personally meet each one of our furry friends.

Meet Portia

Portia is definitely the bossy girl of the herd and takes no nonsense from the boys. Unbelievably curious, she will stop whatever she is doing if she spots anyone in her sight and will often trot over to find out a little more about what’s going on. Portia has recently given birth to a baby cria called Autumn. 

Meet Gandolph

Although the smallest in the group, Gandolph will never let you forget his presence. At three-years-old, he is a lovely-natured young boy with beautiful colourings in his coat, which he often gets complemented on. Gandolph loves to play with the sheep and lambs and you can regularly see him having his own running competitions around our fields.

Meet Oscar

This handsome young man is the latest addition to our group and settled in as though he has been here forever. Wonderfully good-natured and obedient, he will happily stroll with you, moving majestically and taking in the sights as he goes and if you give him some food, he’ll be your friend forever.

Meet Hendrix and Jack

These boys are both two years old and arrived at our farm together. They were born six days apart and are the best of friends. It can be quite hard to spot the difference between them but Hendrix is a tiny bit bigger than Jack and Jack has a fluffier face. They have a calm chat between them and love to do what alpacas love to do – hum. 

Meet Marmite

Marmite is the baby of our alpaca family at just 12 months old. Super lovely she is a sweet girl and loves being talked to. She likes to sniff hands to see if they are holding any treats but really, she likes to be gently stroked.

Book Your Stay

To book your stay or to answer any further questions just contact Judith on 07939 046 476. We are more than happy to help with any enquiries you may have.